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Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese,  2017 Professional Photographer of the Year, Honorable Mention,  National Audubon Photography Awards

" Life is not measured by the breaths that we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018​       Highly Commended-Behaviour: Birds

To capture a photo of a wild creature in its natural habitat and capture the connection to our own humanity and beauty is what drives me to make images.  I use my camera as a tool to "speak" for the animals and bring attention to this nearly invisible world, one which we often miss in our hectic lives rushing to and from work.   

My lifelong project is "Urban Wilderness".  I have explored Southern California, from regional parks to small urban fields looking at the survival of critters squeezed into these diminishing spaces.    I have created in the Galleries tab a new page, "The Fox Chronicles", a project over 10 years in the making.   This year in 2020, for 100 days during COVID, I spent  my time watching the Red Fox families in my  neighborhood.   Watching their interactions of playing, discipline, teaching and pure joy, I was so reminded of the deep connection that humans do have with wildlife.   We can learn so much from them.   Taking their photographs and telling their story evoke such excitement and connection to our natural world for me, and I hope that you find that as well.  

I enjoy sharing my passion and concern through traveling and teaching Bird and Wildlife Photography.   Learning how to slow down and learn new things has been my experience this year with COVID.   I never imagined that I would be teaching classes and speaking via Zoom.   Here we are in 2020 and this is my new reality.  Check out Samy's Cameras and Tuttle Cameras for upcoming Zoom classes, and further down the road we will be seeing each other face to face once again.     

I now lead workshops to Grand Teton National Park, Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico, and  Africa.  I'd love for you to join me on an adventure that you will never forget.   My intention is to create intimate, boutique workshops that give you more than you expect and prices that deliver incredible value.  Bosque is in January, 2022, Costa Rica in March. 2022, Grand Tetons in May, 2021 and Kenya in  August, 2021.  Visit my Workshops/ Classes page for more information and to sign up.  

Please stay safe.  Make the most of the gifts that we are given.   We will all get to enjoy travel adventures in the future.  Thank you for all of your continuing support.  Thank you for joining me on the journey!  



                                                            Karen Schuenemann, Wilderness At Heart Photography

​                                                                  Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service