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I had read about Orangutans for many years and have admired the incredible photographs that have been published.  In 2014 I was determined to go to Borneo and Thailand, and visit the land of headhunters, Probiscus Monkeys and Orangutans.  We were mesmerized by the beauty of Bako National Park and loved the hospitality of Thai family and new friends.  Visiting the longhouses in Borneo and having lunch with the Chief was one of the highlights of our adventure. 

As it goes, Nature doesn't read my memos, and we didn't see the Orangutans.  Although initially disappointed, I just have to remind myself of all the beauty that we saw and know that it is place I long to return. 

These images are a reflection of the beautiful people and exciting wildlife that we observed in both Borneo and Thailand. 

Borneo and Thailand