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In January, 2016, I flew up to Washington to see the Bald Eagles up on the Skagit and Naksook Rivers.  Two days before my trip the outfitter called and cancelled, stating that there were too few Eagles to see, and suggested that I come up next year.  Since I was already booked, I made my way up and started exploring the area near the rivers, without any success.  The first day I returned to the area near my hotel and saw a sign for a nearby state park.  I decided to take the road and a few miles away, I discovered a field full of at least 25 Bald Eagles.  For the rest of the week, I shot Bald Eagles, hawks and saw my first Short Eared Owl sitting on a post.  This was a wonderful adventure, and reminds me of the fact that you never know what you're gonna get...just get out there and shoot!