To visit Alaska has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  This summer afforded us the incredible opportunity to visit Haines and Juneau areas.  I was surprised by the temperate rain forest and the incredible beauty of the land.  The primal forests are rich in vegetation and colors.  Wildflowers dominated the landscapes near the rivers and fields.  We were fortunate to see some Grizzlies and even a Porcupine!  The two Sub-Adult Coastal Brown (Grizzly) Bears in these images had just been kicked out by their Mom when we arrived and were fending for themselves along the Chilcoot River.  The Pinks (salmon) had just started to run and all of the bears were attempting  to catch them.  We flew out to Chicagof Island on a seaplane with a guide to photograph the Coastal Brown Bears  by the waterfalls there.  This was a breathtaking experience watching a large bear navigate the falls looking for fish and to come about forty feet from our small group.  Yikes!  My motto was "Keep on Shooting!"  The vistas are gorgeous and wild.  I hope that you enjoy some of the images that I captured on this amazing trip!

Alaska, 2017   Haines and Juneau Areas


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