Bosque Del Apache, Bernardo and White Sands  New Mexico

The memory of Bosque Del Apache is synonymous with brilliant fiery sunsets and the noise of geese flying in the clear blue twilight skies. To witness the lift off of thousands of migratory snow geese is indeed breathtaking, as you hear the beating of their wings and their calls as they take off in the early mornings or sunset. Watching the Bald Eagles rest in the snags and approaching Northern Harriers and Cooper's Hawks on the National Wildlife Refuge is a privilege. Shooting images of Roadrunners as they bathe in the morning light and welcome the heat of the sun rays is simply incredible. Over 14,000 Sandhill Cranes migrate through during the winter months, and then depart for Idaho and Canada and other  breeding grounds up north. The colors and sounds of Bosque spark my soul and photographic passions.


Since 2023, I have added a very special trip to White Sands National Park in New Mexico.   With a very special guest photographer, we have enjoyed the incredible beauty of this park.   

Having the opportunity to  shoot birds, wildlife and landscapes makes this a wonderful opportunity.  


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